smoke a little smoke…Don’t.

I LOVE going to concerts.  But I don’t love the air I have to breathe while I am there – it always, always comes with pot scent.

I live in Washington State, the Evergreen state, who houses an incredible amphetheatre, the Gorge.  I have gone and seen James Taylor, BB King, Lilith Fair, Metallica, Dave Mathews Band, Tom Petty, and Foo Fighters.  I have come to learn that when I buy a ticket for an event at the Gorge, I am waiving the clean-air rights, possibly taking on a risk that the 2nd-hand smoke from the drifting pot smoke could cause me to fail a random drug test at work.  (you can say I am over reacting.  I just really don’t like marijuana.)

Washington State has been smoke free in public area for several years now.  We enjoy smoke free restaurants and bars, and I love it.

But then the green-bud law passed.

I went to an indoor arena concert.  My enjoyment was interrupted by annoying pot smell.  How naïve was I.  I didn’t realize that being indoor wouldn’t stop people from smoking.  I was determined not to let it ruin my night.  I put up with it.

I went to a baseball stadium concert just last weekend.  It was at Safeco Field, home of Seattle Mariners.  It’s a beautiful ball park, and I love the fun, family atmosphere it exudes.

Then I smelled someone getting stoned.  Sigh.  I really cannot get away from it, can I?

And it dawned on me.  I am confused.

Smoking is prohibited inside the stadium (designated smoking areas are all outside the stadium, 25 feet away from the entrances.  I know that only smoking I had seen from the stadium before was from fryers in concession stands.)  Cigarette smokers seem to obey non-smoking rules.  Yet, there is no stopping of people from smoking pot.  Maybe because the non-smoking sign looks like only targets cigarettes.

I don’t agree with recreational use of marijuana.  But whatever.  I am not going around and preach people about how they shouldn’t smoke cannabis.  They can do what they want to do.  I don’t care about that.  But I do care about my rights.  I should have the right not to be around a substance that is still widely illegal in most parts of the United States.  I have all the rights not to get involuntary high with Mary Jane.

Next time I am at a venue, I would like to see non-pot-smoking sign to make it really clear.  That would be swell.  It probably won’t stop people from smoking.  But at least it’s clear to everyone around them that it’s not allowed.  It helps to have that if someone wants to bring that to the smoker’s attention.

You won’t like that, Stoners?  Deal with it.  Someone didn’t invent brownies for nothing.


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