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Looking for an inspiration?  Meet Amberley Snyder.

She competes in Barrel Racing at rodeos.  What makes her story so special?  She is paralyzed from her waist down, and that’s not stopping her from doing great things.

It all happened when she was on the top of the world in her senior year in high school.

Even when she learned that she would never walk again, her mind and heart were fixed on the day she would race again.

damn right

The road to recovery wasn’t easy.  At one point she felt so down that she even told her mom to sell her horses.  Mom always knows best.  She didn’t sell the horses.

We are all glad that she didn’t.

You would be, too.

She is not only a barrel racer again, she has become a motivational speaker to inspire us all by sharing her experience.  I was lucky to be at one of those events with Amberley as a special guest.  She was so engaging, personable, and truly inspiring.  She has taken her devastating life event and turned it around into so much more than she would probably ever imagined possible.  And she is sharing the uplifting energy with everyone.

Read more about Amberley on her own website and be more inspired.  http://www.amberleysnyder.org/my-story/

Watch You Tube videos of Amberley that will make you feel like you can do anything!  My favorite is her Wheelchair Wednesday episode #25, in which she lifts herself up onto her horse.  A-mazing.