10 Ways to Celebrate Anniversary Without Breaking the Bank

You want to celebrate your anniversary right but you are on tight budget? No problem. You don’t have to flash money and throw gifts around to create a wonderful memory and express how you feel to your partner. It really IS the thought and the effort that counts.  Here are some ideas for everyone, and really, for any special occasions. Each of these items are considered a whole gift by itself.  Some may seem too little, but it would mean the world to the person receiving it.

Song Title: Kiss Artist: Prince and the Revolutions
Song Title: Kiss
Artist: Prince and the Revolutions


1 .Make or Buy a Greeting Card – People don’t mail out greeting cards much more, so it will be an extremely unique gift. Older generations used to date all their letters and cards they used to write, so they still do. I got to read some old cards that my husband’s aunt gifted to his mother when my husband was born. It was dated, had a short message, and signed. There’s something so heartwarming about the card. It’s a gift keeps on giving for years to come.

If you are somehow located apart, you have to do this in plenty of time ahead to make sure snail mail will get it there on time. Even if you live together, send one out ahead of time so that it is received on or earlier. Assure the delivery time by just hand-deliverying the card. If you are buying a card, some greeting cards can cost more than $5, so pay attention to the price if you are really on a tight budget. Dollar Stores have great cards, too. You can make one by search images for Anniversary Quotes online and print it. Whichever you use, choose one that truly represents how you feel. When you find the right card, make sure to date the card, add a personal message, and sign it.

2. Be Home On Time – if you tend to work late, make a point to be home on time. Work can wait. Yes it can. You spend more time away from home, commuting to and from work, working at work, mingling with your coworker after work. If you are a typical modern day member of the workforce, you are spending more time with your co-workers than your loved ones. So make time. Surprise them by coming home early. This simple act will be appreciated more than you think

3.Quality Time – Turn off your mobiles – Now that you made the effort to be home on time or at least earlier than usual, beef up the quality time with your honey by turning off and putting away your mobile device. If you want to brag how awesome your anniversary is, then get in a picture together and post. And put the device down for the evening. Both of you are social media addicts? That’s all that more reason to put away the device. See what happens when you are looking at each other!

4.Dress Up to Dine In – Even though you are not going anywhere, it’s just feels extra luxurious if you dress up. If you are cooking, put on an apron to protect your nice dress.

Don’t forget to dress up the table. All it takes is a couple of place mats and a candle – avoid a scented candle as it would make your food taste funny. Place the candle in a candle holder for fire safety. If you don’t have one, place it in a jar.

5.Just two of you – When you have a child or children at home, anniversary becomes the one chance to have grown up moment alone with your spouse. If you are so lucky to have your family and relatives in the same town, ask them for their help to watch the kids for the evening. If this is hard to make it work on the exact day of the anniversary, go ahead and plan your anniversary activity for later or earlier dates. When you do, friends are off limits, too. With kids and their friends’ parents and families, your life has become one big social circle. You may not have realized how little alone time you get with your spouse. Unless you are already doing scheduled Date Nights, spending time alone, even doing nothing but watching grown up TV together, is really important to keep kindlings of your relationship lit up.

6.Game Night – So many board games and other games are available these days. There are plenty of free game Apps to download.  If you are interested in getting new board game but not sure, checkout TABLETOP channel on You Tube. Actor Will Wheaton hosts the channel, showing you how a game works. He features different games with different guests. Here is an example of their video.

Those games could get expensive, too. No biggie. Just breakout some old games collecting dust in your closet. Battleships, Monopoly, Operations, Yahtzee, Scrabble, Jenga. Even just a deck of card, and teach each other some card games you used to play.

7.Local Events – if you look, there are so many local happenings taking place on a regular basis, and most events tend to be free or low cost. Check out local newspaper or coffee shop bulletin boards to spot an inexpensive activity you both may enjoy. If you live in a city with a college, they tend to have student-hosted activities that are generally higher quality and reasonably priced. Check out their website and look for their event calendar.

8.Breakfast In Bed – this seems cliché, but it’s a wonderful gift. You can customize this to however the breakfast eating style your loved one may have. Home-cooked meal is ideal, but don’t worry about the menu if you are not up for the task. It could be a donut from a local donut shop. Don’t really eat breakfast? Bring a hot beverage to the sleepy head. Serve it on a tray with a small piece of paper with a short hand-written message like “Happy Anniversary”, folded in half and standing on its side. If you have a fresh cut flower from outside stuck in a small glass or a jar, it would be even better. It could be just a single stem of lavender.

9.Lunch Date – if you are going to be in a same area that you can get together at lunch, go out on a lunch date instead of Dinner date. Lunch menus are much more affordable compared to dinner. If you do this, stretch your lunch break time by taking it earlier or later and avoid going out right on the dot at noon. You will be spending too much time waiting and rushing to get back to school or work.

10.Cook Dinner together – ***caution. Know yourselves. If you think you or your date cannot handle it and end up fighting, then give it a test run on a non-special day to see how you do. If you ended up eating a meal together at the end of the night, that’s good. If you two are not talking for the rest of the evening, try another gift.  Don’t even take that chance.***

Cooking a meal together is a romantic activity. I highly recommend making it the plan instead of making it a surprise. I know a few gals I have met that they would throw out their spouses from their kitchen while they are in the kitchen. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want guy’s help. Make sure that both of you know that you are cooking together that night. You don’t trust your partner in kitchen?  Cooking together doesn’t have to be only about cooking. It could be washing pots and pans, too. It could be just spinning the salad spinner. Just spend time together in the kitchen.

11.Cheek To Cheek – at any given time, even if there was no music, just ask for your partner’s hands and slow dance. If you are a married couple, put on the same song played during your first dance at your wedding.

And at last but not least, just hug – give each other a firm prolonged embrace. Nothing says I love you better than that.


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