Happy Camper has Good Manners

Do you love nature?  Who doesn’t, right?  If you appreciate nature and enjoy camping, let’s all show our appreciation by demonstrating good manners.  Nature gives us so much without asking much in return, so let’s give our thanks to them by treating them right.

happy camper

  1. Leave the site cleaner than when you first arrived

Take your trash home.  Don’t let your rubbish become part of the landscape.

Tip – there are a collapsible trash can for garden or for camping you can buy.  If folds flat and you can hose it off after usage.  Looks like it comes in various sizes, so pay attention to the size you are ordering.  For large group, large will be good, but keep in mind that you will need to buy large trash bag, like 30+ gallon size for it.  Here are some examples from Amazon.com

You could be super awesome if you also setup a designated recycle bag.


  1. Toilet Paper goes into the trash can

Let’s face it.  They are the least pleasant thing you could come across when camping.  You have seen toilet papers in trails and/or just nearby your camp site.  They may break down fast in our sewage system, but it takes way too long for it to breakdown in the woods.  Take it to the trash can.  It just doesn’t belong in the nature.


  1. Fire safety – “only YOU can prevent wildfires” – Smokey Bear

Lastly yet mostly importantly, Campfire Safety is SUPER important.  I think every camper should be certified with fire safety before they are allowed to camp.  Did you know that, according to National Interagency Fire Center, 84% of wildfire was caused by human in 2011?  And those man-made wildfires burnt 5.4 MILLION Acres in total?  The cause is not only from campfires.  It could be from cigarette tossed out without being put out properly.  Be a good Samaritan to your Mother Nature and educate your friends, so that they can also become good to the nature.

Smokey knows best when it comes to campfire safety.  You can learn all about it in the link below.  It takes only a few minutes to save millions of acres.


oh, on a side note, don’t EVER put your semi-burnt log in the trash, even after you douse it with water.  You would know NOT to do that after you read or watch the material from the above link.  A few years ago I found a garbage dumpster smoldering one morning at a campground.  I dumpster-dived and found a plastic garbage bag with fire logs that were wet but hot and smoking, melting the plastic.  I took it out and found a bucket and faucet and stuck the logs in the bucket and filled it with water.  I am sure the intent was good, but good intention doesn’t do any good, and could do some bad, if it’s executed incorrectly.


Just these 3 simple things can make literally a world of difference.  It’s our duty as a resident of the Earth, the only habitable planet in the Solar system.  So let’s make sure to take care of it.  And let’s enjoy the heck out of the beauty of our Mother Nature while we are at it.

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