The Open Ended Ending of ‘The Good Wife’

*Spoiler Alert*

Final episode of The Good Wife was brilliant in many ways.  Did you miss it?  Watch it here.

The episode didn’t have the feel of it being the last episode.  They went about their usual business.  And when The Good Wife goes about their usual business, things move FAST, and lots and lots of things are happening that you cannot blink or you will miss something.  When I started watching the Series Finale, I had a few unanswered questions that I expected to get answers for.  None of them were getting answered and we were running out of time.  On top of that, they added on about a half dozen new items in my wanna-know bucket during the 1-hour show.  Wait, did I miss that this is supposed to be a 2-hour special finale?  No, that’s not what the TV Guide says.  Then, what will happen?  There is only 1 minute left before Elementary comes on!!!!!!!!!

Before I knew it, Peter was done giving his speech.  Alicia rushed off the room to find Jason whom she spotted just a few seconds ago, chased him down the long hallway.  Jason kept walking like he was purposefully ignoring her yelp.  While Alicia was running after Jason, Peter was trying to get Alicia’s attention, walking down the same hallway where Alicia came from.  Alicia was so honed in on Jason that she completely ignored Peter’s call of her name.  Alicia turned the corner towards the kitchen, and found a Jason look-a-like kitchen worker.  She sighs, not upset, just slightly embarrassed, which made me think that my concern of Jason may have already skipped town was nonsense.  She didn’t seem concerned, so why should I?  Alicia turned around and started walking back the way she had come.  I expected Peter to be there, which made sense because it looked like he was trying to catch her only seconds ago, but instead there was Diane.  Oh, Diane…..  She had walked out of the courtroom when Alicia and Lucca went around Dianne and asked a damning question to Diane’s husband Kurt on the stand.  Oh, I was so heart broken for Diane.  I didn’t see that move coming, and rightfully Diane walked out of the courtroom before she could hear Kurt’s answer to the question.

Alicia looked straight into Diane, “Diane?”, she asked, very compassionately, in a manner that a concerning friend thinks there is something wrong with her friend but has no idea what’s wrong.  Then Diane laid a heavy yet sharp slap on left side of Alicia’s face, walked off without sayin anything.  Alicia surprisingly looked shocked, and hurt, eyes welled.  But as she always has done, she dusted herself off, well, more like straightened her jacket, and started walking towards where she was heading.

And that was that.

I believe The Good Wife creators ended the show with lots of unanswered questions on purpose – so that us viewers can make our own ending.  It’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to make all the fans happy.  Everyone wants different combination of outcome.  No matter what the Producers did, they were bound to make many viewers unhappy.  They could do no right.  How many movies and TV shows have you expected so much from the ending and was so disappointed that you forgot how much you loved the entire 10-year series or a 3-hour movie.  In fact you are so mad to the degree that you turn into a hater just because of the last 30 seconds of the show?  Bad ending could ruin all the previous good.

Nothing was made concrete, except maybe that Peter is definitely getting a 1-year probation with no jail time….but who knows.  Anything is possible with The Good Wife.

So there is no true ending until we make it up.  Here are my version of questions to unanswered questions.  Hence the ending.

  1. Would Alicia really divorce Peter?  No doubt.  You don’t need to see it to believe it.  It’s happening.
  2. Did Jason skip town?  No, he is around.  He is probably outside, away from limelight.  Respecting what Alicia has to do with the press conference and take care of her yet-divorced husband.  They will get together.
  3. What will happen to Diane and Alicia’s firm?  While I would love to see the two stay friends, Alicia blind sided Dianne by pulling a nasty stunt in the court room, so they will go separate ways.
  4. What will happen to Diane’s marriage?  Dianne loves her husband dearly, and Kurt loves her back.  They have worked out all the previous issues really effectively, and after the initial shock and possibly temporary separation, they will get back together.
  5. Will Alicia run for Governor?  I think she is ready to enjoy her life with Jason, who is very private.  So I don’t think she would run.
  6. Then what will Eli Gold do without Peter or Alicia?  Someone would recruit him, so he will never be out of work even if he was picky who he would work for.  Maybe he would go to D.C. finally.  I would like to see him get together with the day-trader girl he once had feelings for.  She did have a boyfriend at that time, but she could very well be done with the relationship by now.  I think she did go to D.C., so maybe they would reunite there……?!?!
  7. Is Mr. Canning really dying?  You never know with that guy.  There was a sincere conversation regarding health, but he always tried to capitalize on his disadvantage, that I couldn’t really believe anything he was saying.
  8. Will there be a special re-union episode?  I think the network would probably want to do that to rake in extra $, but I would expect The Good Wife team to be smart and not do it.  Just leave it on the high note and keep people guessing and talking about it for years to come.  These days things are tend not to be left to imagination.  People wants facts and visuals to support rumor and speculations, much like in the courtroom.  But I always believe that it’s more effective when you don’t feed people with everything.  People tend to obsess with what they don’t have or cannot have.  Once they get a hold of it, and then after the initial satisfaction, then they will lose interest in it.

What’s yours like?

Oh, only after you have thought of your version of ending, here is some insight by the show’s creators.




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