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PLUGIN – Add To Any Share Buttons

I chose floating share buttons to show up on the left side instead of right side of the screen.
I chose floating share buttons to show up on the left side instead of right side of the screen.

Today I installed a free plugin that will add those social media icons to your website.  AddToAny plugin for share buttons lets you add a floating button banner or list of buttons directly on the page, post, or site, top or bottom.

As you can see on the below screenshot, it’s really simple by selecting what you want to see, and then save.  That’s it.  No code writing, even though it offers further customization for those who is interested in it.

In matter of 5 minutes, I had buttons added to my site.  see this screenshot here?  They work great, too!

Add to Any Share

If you want your visitors to share your blog, but you don’t want to waste no time setting it the buttons, this is the plugin for you.


How to share my new post on Facebook

I don’t have any traffic through my blog site yet.  Some may say you don’t need to have a Facebook account of your blog site until you see a fair amount of “likes” on your blog posts.  Only a few close people in my life use Facebook, but everyone I work with seems to live in their virtual reality Facebook world.  I cannot ignore the power of Facebook.  It would be much easier to ask my friends and co-workers to like my page, which will require them to act on it only once.  Even if they forget about it after they like my site, my posts will remember them of my existence. (of course until they decide to unlike it…)  And think of the network of friends people have!  I don’t even know how they keep up with all those “friends.”

I found a plugin called “Social Media Auto Publish.”  It supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  It’s really simple and their tutorial hand holds you through the whole process.  When you are going through the setup, you are asked to create a Facebook developer account.  No worries.  If you want to create a link between your Facebook page and your site, you have to sign up for it.  The instruction is very detailed and helpful, so just follow each step. The screenshots look differently from today’s Facebook’s developer page, but the steps are the same.  Once done, it works so simply.

The plug in claims to:
★ Attach post or share link to Facebook
★ Publish to Twitter with image
★ Publish to LinkedIn with image
★ Filter items to be published based on categories
★ Filter items to be published based on custom post types
★ Enable or disable WordPress page publishing
★ Customizable message formats for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

this is what it looks a posts look like on my Facebook page.
this is what it looks a posts look like on my Facebook page.

Blog Theme

Since the day I signed up for a domain, I have been struggling to get the website going because the themes I got (both paid and free) were either too hard to customize or so easy that little customization was available.  A WordPress article said to keep writing and worry about the design later, so I have been.  But I do want to make it pretty.  Fast!  So I have been working on it here and there, but hardly any progress, other than that I have ditched paid theme as it was not at all as easy as the company was promoting it to be.

Yesterday I read an article by sitepoint, 10 of the Most Popular Free WordPress Themes.  All 10 themes have numbers of positive reviews, which is important to me because a poorly written theme can ruin your website – so I have heard.  They also all have demo sites, in which you can really see and feel how the theme works and look.

After much consideration, I picked Spacious by ThemeGrill.  It’s simple yet it has modern features such as Slide (pictures rotate on your page as a header).  It also fits better to YogiPear’s personality.

Spacious Theme

I am SO happy with Spacious!  It’s been way, WAY simpler to customize my webiste.  I got so much more done in the last two days than the first 2 weeks!  Now, don’t confuse simple and easy.  It is still a do-it-yourselfer unless you hire someone else to do it, so it will take some patience and reading all instructions.  Also Free doesn’t mean poor quality.  These theme developers actually make some serious web designs for big companies to use.  They have these little ones for us starters.  If you like the free theme, most of them offer Pro version with low cost and more features.

If you are brand-new to creating your own website and have no idea what you want or what it is all about, yet you want to tackle it yourself, I would highly recommend using one of these popular FREE themes.  It totally takes out the frustration out of this complicated thing, and you can just focus on building your contents.  After all, that’s the most important feature of your new site!  And it’s FREE!  If you don’t like it, no hard feeling as you didn’t spend a dime on it.  But careful and don’t bounce between themes too much.  If you have a ton of customization to the themes and then change theme, it could turn your website upside down (again, so I heard).  I changed mine when it hardly had any customization or plug ins, so it didn’t do anything.

Maybe I will eventually get to where I know what I am doing and can use the theme I paid for originally from outside of WordPress.  But if this free version is so good and even the Pro version is so affordable, why would I even bother try to waste my time on complicated designing?  I think I will just eat the loss at this time and just be grateful for these fabulous free themes.

Happy Bloggin’.







Note To Self – there is no undo button when writing a blog post directly into your site, so write up your post in another writing application such as Microsoft Word first, and then copy and paste into your Post material section.  I just lost half of my content with weird black magic my computer seems to cast on from time to time, and there is no such thing as UNDO button here.  I haven’t figured out how sometimes things are clicked in the wrong section of a paragraph, things gets highlighted and deleted without me trying.  I think it’s something to do with a part of my heel of my palm resting on or touching the mouse pad when I type.  I think there is some sort of setting out there to change it, but I haven’t.  In the meantime, type in Word first, then copy and paste to mitigate the situation.

Google doesn’t seem to know me…yet

It’s been 2 weeks since I signed up for a domain, 1 week since I launched my website.  I have 3 posts plus About Me page, and I am not yet visible via simple search engine search.  Google doesn’t even recognize my website of when I type in their search box.  I thought my website was broken.  My website isn’t broken.  I checked.  It’s just not cool enough to mention.  You have to directly type the address into the address bar in order to go to my site.  I thought, if you had an unique keyword such as “” like no one else does, it should be the ONLY result Google returns, right?  Nope.  That’d be too easy.  That’ll be like getting free advertisement by Google.  Nothing truly good is never free.  You have to work for it.  You have to become popular first.  But hell, I just started!

google search

Quite frustrated, especially because my mom still hasn’t figured out how to check out my unpopular blog.  Even with a specific instruction to type in the address in the address bar.  So I searched for some blogging tip to get me out of this rut.  I didn’t have to look too far.  I’ve come to learn that this blogging thing is a big deal and seems like EVERYONE is doing it.  Bad news for me.  I have tough competitions.  LOTS OF THEM….. But, good news for a new comer like me is that blogging community seems to be full of helpful souls.  Particularly the pros who have been blogging from the dawn of Millennium, they have lots and lots to teach you.

For today’s issue, I am looking to PROBLOGGER(, who is teaching me how to get a jump start in his 5 Ways To Get Your Blog Indexed By Google In 24 Hours article.

Boy.  Blogging is a serious business.  Better get to work!