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I don’t have any traffic through my blog site yet.  Some may say you don’t need to have a Facebook account of your blog site until you see a fair amount of “likes” on your blog posts.  Only a few close people in my life use Facebook, but everyone I work with seems to live in their virtual reality Facebook world.  I cannot ignore the power of Facebook.  It would be much easier to ask my friends and co-workers to like my page, which will require them to act on it only once.  Even if they forget about it after they like my site, my posts will remember them of my existence. (of course until they decide to unlike it…)  And think of the network of friends people have!  I don’t even know how they keep up with all those “friends.”

I found a plugin called “Social Media Auto Publish.”  It supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  It’s really simple and their tutorial hand holds you through the whole process.  When you are going through the setup, you are asked to create a Facebook developer account.  No worries.  If you want to create a link between your Facebook page and your site, you have to sign up for it.  The instruction is very detailed and helpful, so just follow each step. The screenshots look differently from today’s Facebook’s developer page, but the steps are the same.  Once done, it works so simply.

The plug in claims to:
★ Attach post or share link to Facebook
★ Publish to Twitter with image
★ Publish to LinkedIn with image
★ Filter items to be published based on categories
★ Filter items to be published based on custom post types
★ Enable or disable WordPress page publishing
★ Customizable message formats for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

this is what it looks a posts look like on my Facebook page.
this is what it looks a posts look like on my Facebook page.

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