about me

I don’t know where to start, so I will just rumble on.

I am from Japan and I don’t like social media.  I don’t live an exciting life, and rather, I live pretty quiet and slow life.  I feel like a kid who has grown up problems and responsibilities.  I like fun stuff and love kid jokes.  I like 4 seasons and I feel all 4 emotions.  I like things that make sense and I don’t like taking risks.

I don’t have any special area at this point, and I hope to find my niche along the way.

Although my main purposes of starting blog is to see if I can make living off of it while being informational and helpful to the unknown audience, for now, I feel like it is an outlet for all of the thoughts go through my big’ol noggin.

I hope this blog will take some sort of shape along the way and be better, and somehow benefit you in a small way.


Yogi Pear